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Our Solutions

We are committed to driving decarbonization, adaptation, and sustainability strategies that not only mitigate environmental impact but also enhance societal well-being and foster economic prosperity [NET-POSITIVE OUTCOMES].

Dip your Toe

MindShift Workshops

Engage your team with introductory sessions to foster a culture of sustainability

Climate Change Awareness

Equip your team with basic knowledge about climate change and its impact

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ESG Compliance Assessment
Understand your organization's current ESG performance and identify potential risks

Foundation Building
Initiate your Net-zero journey by building your sustainability goals and policies

02+ Approach

Ask Critical Questions and Listen deeply

Leverage cutting-edge science and data for informed decision-making

Deliver measurable social, economic and planetary impact

Integrate principles of transparency, integrity, and accountability,

Deploy diverse expertise and perspectives across important climate themes

Collaborate, co-create, co-benefit

02+ Work

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Program Strategy for Decarbonizing Building and Construction Industry

Understanding decarbonization trends, identifying gaps, and recommending strategies for reducing carbon emissions in the building and construction industry

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Carbon Footprint Assessment, ESG Audit, Net-Zero Policy

Assessing environmental impact, providing recommendations for carbon neutrality, and building capacity for sustainable practices.

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Climate Science and Solution Curriculum for school go-ers

Educating students about climate change by embedding climate science, 21st-century skills, localisation of climate impacts and coding; to inspire action, and drive a climate solution-oriented mindset

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Green Jobs, Green Entrepreneurship and Green Livelihoods

Empowering youth in TVET institutions with green skills and knowledge, to build and apply a green mindset at an individual level, community level and organisational level; fostering sustainable development, and promoting a green economy

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Building a Sustainable Future for Apartments

Initiating sustainable practices within apartment communities, fostering collaboration, and implementing innovative solutions for energy and water conservation; and waste management

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Education and Action building

Raising awareness about ESG principles, engaging stakeholders, and driving sustainability

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