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Case Study: ESG Awareness for Apparel MSMEs

Updated: Feb 21

Project Overview:

Zero2Positive conducted a series of ESG awareness sessions for apparel MSMEs aimed at promoting environmental, social, and governance best practices within the industry. The session provided participants with insights into the importance of ESG, industry-specific relevance, and opportunities for adopting sustainable business practices.

Key Session Components:

  1. Introduction: Overview of the importance of ESG in the apparel sector and the session objectives.

  2. Understanding ESG: Definition and breakdown of ESG components (Environmental, Social, Governance) and their relevance to business sustainability.

  3. Risks and Opportunities: Discussion on global trends, consumer demand for sustainable products, regulatory changes, and competitive advantages associated with ESG adoption.

  4. Activity - ESG Priorities: Participants identified their top ESG priorities and engaged in group discussions to explore their significance for the industry.

Success Metrics:

  1. Increased Awareness: Participants gained a deeper understanding of ESG concepts and their relevance to business sustainability.

  2. Identification of Priorities: MSMEs identified key ESG priorities and explored strategies for integrating them into their business operations.

  3. Stakeholder Engagement: The session facilitated engagement and collaboration among participants, fostering a community of practice for sustainable business practices in the apparel industry.

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