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Case Study: Coding for Climate Change

Project Overview:

Zero2Positive collaborated with Quest Alliance, NavGurukul and Amazon to develop a curriculum focused on coding for climate change. The curriculum aimed to educate students in grades 6-9 about climate change, its impacts, and solutions through coding activities. The project included the creation of engaging content and resources suitable for students from diverse linguistic backgrounds.

Key Features of the Curriculum:

  1. Integrated Curriculum: The curriculum integrated coding activities with climate change education, providing students with a holistic understanding of environmental issues.

  2. Engaging Content: The curriculum featured engaging stories of ecological superheroes and hands-on coding activities, fostering critical thinking and problem-solving skills.

  3. Localized Context: The content was tailored to the Indian context, ensuring relevance and cultural sensitivity for students from different regions.

  4. Inclusive Approach: The curriculum was designed to be inclusive, with simple language and multiple language options (English, Hindi, Telugu, Kannada, Odia) to cater to diverse learners.

Success Metrics:

  1. Participation: Over 1,50,000 students participated in the Codeathon, demonstrating widespread interest and engagement in climate change education.

  2. Impact: Students reported increased awareness and understanding of climate change issues, along with improved coding skills.

  3. Localization: The curriculum's localized approach received positive feedback from educators and students, highlighting its effectiveness in reaching diverse audiences.


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