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Case Study: Green Education and Livelihood Program Development

Project Overview:

Zero2Positive collaborated with a leading non-profit organization focusing on skilling and education to develop a program strategy for promoting green education and livelihoods. The project involved gathering insights on international and national trends in green education and livelihoods, developing a three-year program pilot, and implementing capacity-building initiatives for program execution.

Key Outputs:

  1. Actionable Insights: The project generated actionable insights on international and national trends in green education and livelihoods, providing a foundation for program development.

  2. Program Strategy: A comprehensive three-year program strategy was developed, outlining the human and financial resources required for successful execution.

  3. Capacity Building: Capacity-building initiatives were implemented to equip teams and trainers with the necessary skills and knowledge for program implementation.


  1. Successful Rollout: The program strategy was successfully rolled out, with clear integration into the organization's annual and five-year plans.

  2. Funding Acquisition: Funds were unlocked for program pilot and implementation, ensuring sustainable support for green education and livelihood initiatives.

  3. Stakeholder Engagement: Stakeholders were actively engaged throughout the process, fostering collaboration and support for program objectives.


  1. Data Availability: Obtaining up-to-date data on green jobs across geographies and industries posed a challenge, requiring innovative approaches for data collection and analysis.

  2. Subjective Understanding: Working with subjective understandings of green, sustainability, and climate action among stakeholders required careful communication and alignment efforts.

Important Links:

  1. Getting Schools Climate Ready (UNESCO)

  2. Greening Technical and Vocational Education and Training (UNESCO)

  3. Skills for Green Jobs in India (ILO)

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