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Case Study: Program Strategy for Decarbonizing Bangalore's Building and Construction Industry

Updated: Feb 21

Project Overview:

Zero2Positive partnered with a leading organization to develop a program strategy for decarbonizing Bangalore's building and construction industry. The project involved gathering insights on international and national decarbonization trends, conducting stakeholder interviews, and identifying gaps and opportunities for decarbonization initiatives.

Key Outputs:

  1. Data and Trends: The project generated valuable data and trends on decarbonization trends and challenges specific to Bangalore's building and construction sector.

  2. Real-World Insights: Stakeholder interviews provided real-world insights into the gaps and challenges in decarbonizing the industry, along with potential solutions.

  3. Opportunities for Solutions: The project identified opportunities for accelerating decarbonization efforts in the building and construction sector, paving the way for impactful initiatives.


  1. Stakeholder Buy-in: The project achieved buy-in from all stakeholders on the importance of decarbonization, laying the groundwork for collaborative action.

  2. Specific Solutions: Specific solutions for decarbonizing the industry were articulated, with some already being independently developed by partner organizations.

  3. Deep Understanding: The project deepened understanding of what it takes to decarbonize a specific industry, providing a roadmap for future initiatives.

  4. Theory of Change: The assignment led to the development of a Theory of Change for the decarbonisation of B&C sector


  1. Data Availability: Obtaining up-to-date emissions-related data at a city and industry level posed a challenge.

  2. Long-Term Feasibility: The long-term feasibility of certain sustainable solutions remained uncertain, highlighting the need for ongoing innovation and adaptation.

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