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Case Study: Retrofit - Building Sustainable Future for Apartments

Updated: Feb 21

Project Overview:

Hasiru Buildings, a compilation of residential apartment complexes in Bangalore, partnered with Zero2Positive to implement sustainable retrofit solutions aimed at reducing carbon emissions and promoting environmental stewardship. The project, named RetroFit, focused on fostering a culture of sustainability among apartment residents and implementing energy and water-saving measures.

Key Achievements:

  1. Building Connections: The RetroFit event facilitated strong connections among apartment residents and sustainable solution providers, fostering collaboration and innovation in addressing collective challenges.

  2. Value of Sustainable Solutions: Participants gained valuable insights into energy and water-saving solutions, leading to significant cost savings and environmental benefits.

  3. Policy Understanding: The project helped residents understand the nuances of policy and regulations related to water and energy, empowering them to advocate for better policies.

  4. Resource Constraints: Participants gained an appreciation for the constraints of existing resources, leading to a greater awareness of the importance of sustainable practices.

  5. Fun and Togetherness: The RetroFit event was not only productive but also engaging, fostering a sense of community among participants.

  6. Carbon Neutral Event: The RetroFit event was conducted with a commitment to carbon neutrality, aligning with Hasiru Communities' vision of a sustainable future.

Future Initiatives:

  1. Knowledge Sharing: Hasiru Communities will continue to collate knowledge on sustainable solutions and share insights within the community.

  2. Strengthening Community: The community remains committed to strengthening its sustainability efforts and will utilize communication channels like WhatsApp groups for further engagement.

  3. Marketplace of Solutions: Plans are underway to create a marketplace of verified solution providers, making it easier for residents to access trusted retrofit solutions.

  4. Policy Advocacy: Hasiru Communities will continue its engagement with relevant authorities to advocate for supportive policies for sustainable retrofits.

  5. Momentum Building: Future activities are planned to maintain the momentum and dedicated effort towards sustainability, ensuring a greener, more sustainable future for the apartment community.


Brigade Group (Main Sponsor)

Urban Civic

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